Breakfast & Supper Club

Everyone leads busy lives.  To help you with your commitments or with your child’s commitments, children are welcome to join us for breakfast or stay for a cosy supper.


Breakfast Club starts at 7.30 am on any week day.  This is open to all children in the school.  Breakfast menus vary and include continental style breakfasts, porridge, bacon sandwiches or pancakes.  Pre-Prep children are escorted over to their building at 8.00 am.  The weekly menu is available on our catering page.


We also offer supper to all pupils in Years 3 to 8.  Supper is primarily for boarders and for those taking part in early evening activities at the school.  However, you are welcome to book your child in for supper and then collect at 6.30 pm, should the need arise.  There is a small charge for children, not in activities, that need to stay later than 6.30pm.

To book in for breakfast or supper, please contact: