Global Community

Wider Community

There are children in life whose social progress is limited by factors beyond their control.  St Andrew’s is proud that we are working with BECSLink.  Their main focus is to create mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities in the business, education, charity and sport sectors that encourage meaningful, long term relationships and stronger communities.

St Andrew’s is working to establish links with local clubs to develop sport locally.  These clubs include SportsAble,  Pangbourne and Whitchurch Cricket Club, Kennylands Gymnastics, Thames Valley Taekwondo and GR Swimming Club.

Global Community

In School, we promote an understanding of identity and of cultural diversity in our pupils.  Through an awareness of world affairs, we aim to develop skills of empathy and critical thinking.

St Andrew’s has developed close links over many years now with two schools in Africa: first with St Peter’s School in Kasese, Uganda, and then with The Grace Christian School in Siyabuswa, South Africa.  We have sent parties to visit them, brought African children and staff here, and raised money to support them.  Some School families also sponsor children at The Grace, enabling a more individual relationship to develop.

St Peter’s is in a remote location, but two members of staff went there in 2010.  Our grants have brought the school electricity, classrooms and equipment, a perimeter fence, latrines and in recent years a kitchen dispensing a nourishing daily lunch to pupils, with some of the food grown on land purchased nearby.  Our current charity fund-raising for this School is focused on maintaining this vital feeding programme, as many children there have little else to eat outside School.

The Grace has seen groups of our senior pupils visiting every two years since 2007.  This has enabled us to build friendships with staff and pupils, and to see first-hand the difference our fund-raising has made.  We have enabled them to build and equip an Early Years centre, a boarding hostel, a computer suite and a science lab, alongside other smaller improvements.  Grace trips are the longest and furthest of all school visits, and they are eagerly looked forward to by team members, for whom they have been life-changing experiences.