Global Community & Charities:

Compassion & Collaboration

Our children are privileged and we teach them the importance of not taking their advantages in life for granted, but to be thankful and to consider others, and help them when they can.

We put lots of effort into charitable fund-raising every year and we are proud that, although not a large School, we have been raising comparatively large sums.

We put the fun into fund-raising by trying to make every event an enjoyable one which people would want to take part in. As a result, generosity has become a natural part of the school’s culture. Our ‘Friends of St Andrew’s’ (FOSA) committee also works hard, organising events and fundraising. In addition to this, we have a Charities Committee composed of pupils and staff.

St Andrew’s has developed close links over many years now with two schools in Africa: first with St Peter’s School in Kasese, Uganda, and then with The Grace Christian School in Siyabuswa, South Africa. We have sent parties to visit them, brought African children and staff here, and raised money to support them. Some School families also sponsor children at The Grace, enabling a more individual relationship to develop.

St Peter’s is in a remote location, but two members of staff went there in 2010. Our grants have brought the school electricity, classrooms and equipment, a perimeter fence, latrines and in recent years a kitchen dispensing a nourishing daily lunch to pupils, with some of the food grown on land purchased nearby. Our current charity fund-raising for this School is focused on maintaining this vital feeding programme, as many children there have little else to eat outside School.

The Grace has seen a number of groups go out and visit since 2007. This has enabled us to build friendships with staff and pupils, and to see first-hand the difference our fund-raising has made. We have enabled them to build and equip an Early Years centre, Boys and Girls boarding houses, a computer suite and a science lab, alongside other smaller improvements.

In addition, we give to many other good causes on a more ad hoc basis, mostly chosen by the Charities Committee.

Our goal is to ‘make a difference’ by supporting charities and causes that: are small scale, individual charities who…

· Focus on raising the standard of living and education for Children

· And/or have a direct link with the school through a ‘contact’.

If you have a Charity or Cause that you would like us to support, then please send your suggestions to The Committee will consider all applications at the next available meeting.

Current Charity Events:

Race 2 the Grace – (and St Peter’s)

It was suggested that we, as a school community (Children, Parents, Teachers and wider families) could all join forces in running a Virtual Race to raise money for both The Grace School and St Peter’s. The idea is that we all Run/Walk/Swim/Cycle, tracking our miles and trying to reach our target of 9,500miles (which is roughly the distance to the Grace school via St Peter’s).

Children will be given a sponsorship/donations form, where they could be sponsored per mile, aim to raise a certain amount of money, or aim to reach a certain distance. Miles can be tracked on their personal Milometer and sent back to their form tutors during Study Diary collections, Friday morning registration, or emailed to to be added to the whole school Milometer.

Any donations or sponsorships raised can be paid in online via…..… and will be added to the grand total that we can all keep track of.

If you would like to see how we are progressing, then please see the Map Below…

We hope to raise £5000 this term through a big group effort, but any money raised will go a long way to helping The Grace and St Peter’s.

If you have any questions then please do get in contact, and I hope that we can all have a bit of fun racking up the “Metres to St Peter’s” and make smiles through the Miles as we “Race 2 The Grace”.