Remote Learning

Hybrid teaching - continuing to learn from School or at home

Remote Learning Hybrid Teaching

At St Andrew’s, we have designed a hybrid learning programme, which means our children can be taught whilst at home, or if needing to self-isolate.

Children self-isolating, and well enough to work, use Microsoft Teams to continue their learning.

To find out more, watch our short video on How to access Teams and read our How to use Teams Guide. 

Any printing that’s required for each lesson, will be kept to a minimum, and posted on Teams by 7pm the previous day.

Along with printed worksheets, children should also have a pen, pencil, rubber, and some lined paper for each lesson.

We also ask that children are dressed appropriately, preferably wearing a St Andrew’s top.

For Prep School children, Years 3 - 8, we do our best to make learning resources available on Teams, and to include children in a live call from the first day of absence. For Pre-Prep, Reception to Year 2, Form Teachers are in touch with parents to discuss children's schedules. There is a slightly different approach for our Nursery children, which still includes daily interaction.

For any problems accessing or using Teams, our Prep School Contact is Head of Digital Learning Mr Brodie Tyler-Hewson, and for Pre-Prep, it is Mrs Karin Carter Keall