Science at St Andrew's is taught throughout the school but from Year 3 it is taught in specialist laboratories by specialist teachers.

There are two well-equipped laboratories; each is fitted with a comprehensive range of scientific equipment as well as a computer and a digital projector.  These allow the department to use digital cameras, as well as being able to access a huge range of educational websites and scientific programmes.

The children are able to participate in a large amount of practical work, which we see as a crucial part of their learning.  We teach towards the 13+ Common Entrance syllabus, while pupils in the top set are also prepared for the Scholarship examinations of a wide range of senior schools.

All the three science disciplines are comprehensively covered: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The extensive woodland was originally planted as an arboretum.  It includes many interesting varieties of trees, flowering plants and fungi and is rich in animal life.

These grounds and playing fields are a natural resource which pupils at St Andrew's make use of in fieldwork as well as enjoying recreation every day.  Visits out of School are arranged for certain year groups to enhance their learning.


“I really enjoy science at St. Andrew's because of the experiments that we get to do - like burning paper houses and growing fungi.”
Year 5 Pupil “It's great fun because we have super teachers. They give us lots of fantastic lessons that you wouldn't get from any old teacher. They give us some responsibilities like using Bunsen burners. Not every teacher lets you have this much fun! I love Science.”
“It's fun but we need more explosions!.”