In Years 5 to 8 Maths is taught by specialist teachers in well-resourced classrooms.

Our aim is to build confidence and competence with numbers using an approach that is enjoyable, relevant and meaningful.  We recognise the ability to solve problems in different contexts and to apply Maths throughout the curriculum and in daily life.

We encourage pupils to think creatively, to take risks and to see that making mistakes is an opportunity to learn.  At the same time we emphasise the importance of methodical, systematic and accurate work.

We base our learning on the 11+ and 13+ ISEB syllabus.  We provide a sound grounding in the mechanical skills necessary to tackle exams without allowing the examination syllabus to be restrictive.  We enjoy the creative side of Maths which incorporates many activities such as making straw models, creating interesting patterns using line design, constructing polyhedra and other 3D shapes, drawing the Golden Ratio and designing Islamic patterns.

Our classes are set in ability groups to enable differentiation and allow each child to enjoy the fun and play of Maths at his or her own level.  We participate in the Primary and Junior Maths Challenges and some of our pupils progress to complete the Maths Olympiad.

The department enjoys a sound academic record at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level.


Year 6 Pupil “My Maths experience has been one of the best things about the school. We do loads of different topics and get a huge variety of learning. Also, if you don’t understand anything, the teacher will go over it again.”
“Since I came to St Andrew’s my Maths knowledge has expanded masses. Our teachers teach in a fun and exciting way. Maths is really fun here.”