Learning Skills & Support

Individualised 1:1 teaching is offered by teachers who have specialised in Specific Learning Difficulties.

The Learning Skills teachers regularly attend courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in dyslexia and other related areas. There is close liaison between parents, staff and Learning Skills teachers to monitor progress and individual lesson content. The pupils and parents also add their input to the content of the Individual Learning Plans. The aim is to provide appropriate support, which could include maths, literacy or study skills, to enable pupils to reach their full potential.

If a concern is raised by staff or parents, the Head of Learning Skills carries out a diagnostic assessment to determine and implement the appropriate intervention. The school arranges for an Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist to provide assessments and support at School. We also work closely with Optometrists.  

Our Learning Skills rooms were updated in 2016 and are well resourced. There is a messy area for sand trays, kinetic sand or play dough for laying out numbers and letters in fun, tactile way. There are numerous games and card games for visual and auditory memory development, vocabulary extension and to provide chances to over-learn teaching concepts in an enjoyable way. Apps and specialised computer games are used for the same reasons.

We offer ideas and resources for in class support and/or home support. Little steps can make a huge difference.