Whether it is re-enacting the tactics and horrors of the Battle of Hastings, dining at a Medieval Feast or learning to wattle weave, history is always brought to life at St Andrew’s.

History is taught to all the children as a distinct subject throughout the school.  In Years 3 and 4, the children are taught by their form teachers, while, in Years 5- 8, the subject is taught by a specialist teacher.

The department makes regular use of ICT in its teaching and learning of the subject.  In the process of exploring history we aim to develop the following skills and attributes:

  • A love for the subject that will last long after they leave St Andrew's
  • An understanding of how events and characters in the past have helped to shape society today
  • An understanding of how British history links with that of other European and world countries
  • An appreciation of how and why some aspects of the past are subject to different interpretations
  • A knowledge of what past societies were like, how these societies organised themselves and what beliefs and cultures influenced people's actions
  • The ability to reflect on personal choices, attitudes and values
  • The ability to use evidence, weigh it up and reach conclusions
  • Develop a chronological framework
  • Develop a range of enquiry-based skills in order to understand how people in the past lived their lives, and compare and contrast this with contemporary lifestyles
  • Develop the ability to organise and communicate historical knowledge and understanding orally, visually and in writing using appropriate techniques and vocabulary



Year 5 Pupil “It was great fun dressing up and eating at the Medieval Feast.”