In Geography lessons at St Andrew’s we aim to develop a sense of wonder about our world by questioning, investigating, exploring, and justifying.

We develop in our pupils an understanding of place, space, scale, interdependence, physical and human processes, environmental interaction, sustainable development, cultural understanding and diversity.

Most importantly, we want our pupils to enjoy their learning in geography lessons and, subsequently, we focus on topics that are not just:

Interesting, but awe-inspiring, such as volcanoes and earthquakes or ecosystems;

Important, but relevant to our daily lives, such as weather, climate, global warming and population studies;

Useful, but essential to managing one-self in a world beyond the classroom, such as map skills, research and fieldwork.

In Years 7 and 8 we follow the ISEB syllabus with an approach that continues to reflect the ethos described above.

If, at the end of their time at St Andrew’s, our students leave us with even a fraction of Mr Palin’s enthusiasm, then we have done a good job!

Michael Palin “Geography is a living, breathing subject, constantly adapting itself to change. It is dynamic and relevant. It is a great adventure with a purpose and geography students hold the key to the world's problems.”