The Art Room is a lively place and offers scope for both class Art and the individual learner outside timetabled art lessons.

Many pupils are involved in large-scale group projects which allow children of all ages to participate.  The work produced by all age groups is displayed throughout the School.

The traditional skills of drawing and painting are fundamental to children's learning.  A rich and varied range of artistic opportunities in the form of printmaking, ceramics, textiles and sculpture form part of a broad curriculum.  The aim is to find a means of engaging each child's innate creative response.

In addition to skills-based learning, the study of other artists and designers enriches and informs children's work, whether they are 3 or 13!

The School buildings and grounds are a valuable visual resource and we draw, make and take photographs using nature as our inspiration.  The curriculum is enriched by visits from working artists as well as a gallery trip to London in Year 7.

St Andrew's has a strong tradition of scholarship work, enabling those with a special talent to develop their work.  There is a new Brilliant Makers' Club and Art Workshops take place in the holidays.

We are always looking to develop additional opportunities to create artwork.  Enthusiastic Year 6 artists who would like to follow the Art scholarship programme are encouraged to attend the Summer Term workshop.

Art scholars inspire others and celebrate the passion, enthusiasm and joy of creating, which is at the heart of our philosophy.



Year 4 Pupil “Art is one of the only subjects that lets your mind go free. In Art, you can paint your own painting, but no matter what you paint, no one can copy it and make one exactly the same.”