Vision & Values

Our School vision is to provide an all-round and forward-thinking education that cherishes a child’s individuality, whilst nurturing their happiness, confidence and passion; preparing children to be positive contributors in life. We actively encourage pupils to strive in all areas of their learning and to uphold our School motto, ‘Altiora Petimus’ (‘to seek higher things’).

We promote six core values in all that we do:

To achieve this, the School

  • - gives all pupils, whatever their ability, the opportunity to flourish
  • - teaches children to be independent learners with enquiring minds by creating a joyful learning environment where pupils can engage fully in all aspects of discussion and take pride in their work.
  • - provides a breadth of opportunity including innovative sports provision as well as creative music and performing arts opportunities and a full programme of fun and challenging co-curricular activities.
  • - has a high emphasis on pastoral care, social skills and good manners. The School’s code of conduct permeates daily life, helping our children develop the skills needed to become positive members of society.
  • - creates an environment where boys and girls discover their passion and leave the School filled with a zest for life and learning.
  • - builds a supportive, cohesive and open-minded environment of pupils, parents, staff, alumni and the community.
  • - prepares children to move on to the senior school of their choice.