The Bradfield Group



We are delighted to announce that on the 10th December 2021, St Andrew’s School joined Bradfield College to establish the Bradfield Group.

This exciting merger enables both schools to share expertise, building upon a common vision of an all-round education through which children enjoy school, learn, grow in confidence and make a positive contribution to society.

Our schools have shared close ties since St Andrew’s was established just two miles away from Bradfield (formally St Andrew’s College, Bradfield) in 1934. Both schools enjoy beautiful locations, extensive grounds, excellent facilities, and a proud heritage. Both have generated strong momentum in recent years, establishing reputations for educational excellence within a nurturing environment, characterised by family values and outstanding pastoral care.

This partnership offers us opportunities for shared strategic thinking, developments in teaching and learning, for an enhanced curriculum and professional development, for the improvement and better use of facilities, and for delivering cost efficiencies through economies of scale. It further strengthens both schools as we look ahead to the future.

St Andrew’s and Bradfield each retain their individual identity, character and traditions, and continue to run day-to-day by their own leadership teams, overseen by a single, combined Governing Body and its Committees. Each school continues to develop its own provision, whilst building upon the links that exist between us.

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