Ethos & Aims

Values and Ethos

The School's values are respect, kindness, politeness, teamwork, honesty, enthusiasm and perseverance. These are encapsulated in the warp and weft of the School and promulgated in assemblies, Chapel, PSHE, lessons and games. 


St Andrew's School Aims:

To give all pupils the chance to flourish academically, regardless of ability, combined with an all-round education which includes sport, art, music, drama, and activities. The School motto of "Altiora Petimus" can be translated as, "we seek higher things" and all pupils are encouraged to strive to improve in all facets of school life.

To have a high emphasis on pastoral care, social skills and developing good manners. The School's codes of conduct permeate daily life; the first one for the pupils is to, "make St. Andrew's a happy place where everyone matters".

To create an environment where boys and girls leave filled with a zest for learning for the rest of their lives and with the skills to be positive members of society.

To teach our children to be independent learners with enquiring minds. The classroom should be a joyful place where pupils can fully engage  in class discussion and take pride in their work.

To prepare pupils to move on to the senior school of their choice and best suited to cater for their all round abilities