Our children are very privileged, but we believe that with this comes responsibility. Children are taught in chapel, assemblies and R.S. lessons particularly, that they should not take their advantages for granted but should be thankful, and out of that gratitude should make an effort to think of those less privileged, and to help them when they can. The major way we do that is through charitable fund-raising and giving, so we put a lot of effort into this every year, and have been raising comparatively large sums for the size of the school—in the past year, around £20,000, excluding that raised by FOSA and gifts in kind, such as Christmas toys and our Harvest gifts.

We have a Charities Committee composed of pupils and staff, which organises most of our charitable events and allocates the sums raised according to its pre-determined criteria. We have long-standing relationships with two partner schools in Africa, The Grace School in South Africa (where we have sponsored children) and St. Peter's in Uganda. Both have had visiting parties from St. Andrew's in recent years, with a team of children going to South Africa biennially. We also support Toybox, which cares for street children in Latin America, and another charity which cares for orphans and vulnerable children in India, so our giving has a strongly international flavour and also helps us to learn about less developed parts of the world; but in addition, we donate to both local and national organisations. Primarily, we focus on helping children. We give mainly to small charities with which we have personal contact so that accountability levels are high. Our goal is to ‘Make a Difference.'

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