Boarding Information

St Andrew's School offers weekly and flexi-boarding for boys and girls:

  • House Parent:     Miss Kirsty Parkhouse     0118 974 4276             Email:

To book a place (boys and/or girls) please email

Most evenings are termed 'Open Nights' when the boarders have the opportunity to take advantage of various activities in and around the School, for example playing games in the sports hall or extensive grounds, enjoying the swimming pool, playing air hockey or snooker, or using the library, computers and music rooms for quiet time,or study.  Resident staff and houseparents organise activities to suit the boarders, taking account of the ages and interests of the children and the weather conditions.  Walks in the woods, hide-and-seek, board games and watching films are all popular with pupils.

There are also 'Special Nights' which offer something different (sometimes at extra cost), for example visits to Reading FC, fruit picking, horse riding, etc.

Boarding Aims and Ethos

Firstly we aim to continue the values, ethos and aims of St Andrew’s School and these include, "to make St Andrew's a happy place where everyone matters".

This continues into the boarding house which is seen as an integral part of the School and part of the broad educational experience. The ethos of boarding is one of extending the family atmosphere of the School with an emphasis on activities (after Prep is completed for the older ones!)

Thus for all our boarders we aim to:

• provide an environment in which they can flourish and develop whilst staying away from home
• ensure they are safe and healthy
• ensure that they have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability
• to ensure a secure and stable environment exists for them.
• have a friendly environment that discourages bullying
• promote an open and trusting ethos and to protect each child's right to privacy, dignity, independence and individuality
• treat them fairly
• encourage them to learn to handle a degree of freedom in a responsible way and to behave courteously, honestly and with care and co-operation, thereby enabling them to build positive relationships with each other and with staff
• respect their privacy in the bathrooms and dormitories and ensure their letters and telephone calls, both incoming and outgoing, are private
• be always ready to listen to them and to try to help them as there will be times when they are worried or uncertain. If anything goes wrong we try to deal with it sympathetically and move on positively
• make boarding good fun and the boarding experience a happy one.

As far as possible, we try to make sure that parents feel part of the boarding process, working in partnership with the boarding team at St Andrew’s.
Bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance and should you need to cancel this also requires 24 hours notice (apologies but you will be charged if you cancel with less notice.)

The boarding offered is an ideal introduction to living with others away from home and an excellent preparation for senior boarding school.


Whole school policies on Child Protection, Behaviour, Discipline & Exclusion, Anti-Bullying and Parents’ Complaints can be found on the website under ‘policies and guidance’

For the 2015 ISI Boarding Report Click Here