Our main aim is to build confidence and competence with numbers using an approach that is enjoyable, relevant and meaningful. We recognise the ability to solve problems in different contexts and to apply mathematics throughout the curriculum and in daily life. Mathematics is not an isolated subject or language, but rather a means of seeing and communicating with the wider world. It can be used to describe, predict, illustrate and help us see patterns and connections. We encourage pupils to think creatively and to take risks. At the same time we emphasize the importance of methodical, systematic and accurate work. We base our learning on the National Curriculum and the Common Entrance syllabus. We provide a sound grounding in the mechanical skills necessary to tackle examinations without allowing the examination syllabus to be restrictive.

Our classes are set in ability groups to enable differentiation and allow each child to enjoy the play of mathematics at his or her own level. The department enjoys a sound academic record at both Common Entrance and Scholarship level.

Mrs. Heather Booth Langton
Head of Mathematics

Topics of Study: Years 5 - 8

Topics of Study: Year 3  Year 4