The emphasis of Geography teaching at St. Andrew's is to foster a love for the subject. Geography is a powerful vehicle for the development of attitudes and values, such as curiosity, open-mindedness, a critical approach to information and a concern for the environment. These can be fostered through enquiry, discussion, fieldwork and work in the  classroom.

A huge number of skills are required in Geography. These range from map reading to the ability to empathise with disaster victims and they help to make a pupil aware of the breadth and depth of geography as an academic subject. In addition, the children become aware of the lifestyles of people from other areas and cultures and the problems facing much of the world's population.

The Geography Department has a fine record of achievement at Common Entrance and Scholarship levels and strong cross-curricular links are in place with other departments, such as English, maths, history and science.

Topics of Study Years 5 - 8

Topics of Study: Year 3  Year 4