astro girls hockeySport at St. Andrew's plays a major role in the education of all the children. Every child in the Prep School is involved in some form of games every day of the working week.

Sport helps children to work together and develop positive attitudes towards fair play. We hope to develop healthy individuals and create enjoyment in learning through the acquisition of skills, the building of personal confidence and a fostering of a positive attitude towards a variety of different games.

We encourage healthy competition between players and teams both internally and in inter-school matches, and teach the art of both winning and losing gracefully.

The high number of school matches arranged during the school year ensure that the maximum number of children have the opportunity of representing their school in a team, irrespective of their ability.  

Coaching is concerned with continuity and the enjoyment of improving performance of not only the talented pupils but also those with limited ability. Children grow and develop at different rates and such differences will influence each child's capacity to develop skills and techniques. The differences in physical maturity can vary as much as three to four years within children of the same age and we take into account the ability, aptitude and maturity levels of the players as we coach. 

Safety is of primary importance and we strive to select appropriate, purposeful coaching sessions that not only satisfy both a child's ability and aspirations but also help develop their technical and tactical awareness in the various sports.