Years 1 and 2

In Years 1 and 2, life becomes a little more formal.  Emphasis is still placed on learning through investigation and is an integral part of the whole-class lesson. We feel it is important to develop the children as independent learners with enquiring minds.  You will see children working as a class, by themselves or in small groups -inside and outside of the classroom.  All areas of the school grounds are fully utilised to enrich the children’s learning.

Good behaviour and social skills are valued as highly as academic, creative and physical achievement and all are rewarded in our weekly Celebration Assemblies. We encourage the children to gradually take on more responsibilities for looking after their school community, such as becoming playtime monitors and representing their peers on the Pre-Prep School Council.

While most lessons are still taught by the class teacher, some areas of the curriculum are taken by subject teachers.  In Key Stage 1 the children have weekly French, Music, PE and Swimming lessons. The children in Year 2 also benefit from specialist teaching in ICT and group instrumental lessons. This, together with increasing use of Prep school facilities, helps to ensure a smooth transition into Year 3.

After school care is provided until 6 o'clock. There is an exciting programme of after school clubs including cycling, ballet, drama, gymnastics, horse-riding and tennis.  Further clubs, such as choir and recorders, are offered during lunch breaks. 

Year 1 Summer Term Plan

Year 2 Autumn Term Plan